Discover the Mediterranean sea !


From Carry le Rouet to Banyuls, through the Etang de Thau, everyone can have a great diving time!


The Mediterranean sea hosts a very rich and various fauna.

Plethora of fishes, slugs, marine worms, sponges... to be discovered during your dive.


In the Etang de Thau, while searching for the coveted seahorse (hippocampus), you could encounter its cousin the pipefish (syngnathus), the shimmering cratena slug (cratena peregrina), the curious peacock blenny (salaria pavo), the delicate painted tunicate (clavelina picta) or a shoal of salema porgys (sarpa salpa) in full feast.

At night, eels, cuttlefish and shrimps that will accompany you on your dive.


Here, the diving is "intimate", you will enjoy what a pleasure it is to  search, observe, wait, ferret out, explore, pass over once and then a second time. Experience the feeling of happiness after to have been lucky so to experience those unique and special encounters.




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Prices - Fun dive with guide
1 unit

30€ per exploration

5 units

27€ per exploration

10 units

25€ per exploration



Dans l’étang de Thau, à la recherche de l’hippocampe tant convoité, vous rencontrerez peut être son cousin le syngnathe, la chatoyante cratena peregrina, le curieux blennie paon, la délicate claveline ou un banc de saupes en plein festin. De nuit, ce sont les anguilles, les sépioles et les crevettes qui accompagneront votre plongée. Ici, la plongée est « confidentielle », elle se mérite, il faut chercher, observer, patienter, fureter, explorer, passer et repasser. Mais quel bonheur, après la plongée, si on a eu la chance de ces rencontres privilégiées.


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Boat location:

Harbor of Cabanes de Pérols

GPS: 43°33'11.5"N 3°58'11.7"E


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